Monday, May 28, 2012

Milos; One Island Fits All!

One of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades group is definitely Milos. Its volcanic origin has given the island a diverse and imposing landscape and a unique, natural morphology. Milos has more than 70 beaches varying from long and sandy seashores to colorful pebbled coasts and from rocky bays of various colors to lunar sites such as Sarakiniko beach. You will find deep and swallow depths and all shades of green and blue waters that will simply amaze you.

With so many choices, it is certain that you will find your ideal swimming spot in this exquisite island! Depending on your taste and your mood, you can visit the mainstream and tourist organized ones or you can simply head for the secluded, wilder ones where you can have privacy. In either cases, you will enjoy both the swimming and the picturesque scenic of the shores. After all, Milos beaches are among the most photographed ones in the Aegean sea.

While most of the beaches are accessible by the island’s road network, several stunning and worldwide reputable beaches are only reachable by boat. Kleftiko, Gerakas, Sykia and Papafragas cave are some of the hottest, not-to-be-missed spots where you can only visit by the sea. In addition, Polyaigos and Glaronissia islets and Kimolos island are destinations that you can include in your tour. There are several wonderful and isolated beaches in these places that definitely worth a visit.

Daily boat excursions from Adamas, Milos’ capital, take off several times during the day, and there are also several excursions departing from Pollonia; the second big harbor. However, If you prefer a customized and private sailing experience, you can charter a yacht. Istion yachting, a yacht charter greece company is one of the best throughout Greece and will help you organize your vacation trip. That way, you will surely discover more smaller and hidden gems that will pleasantly surprise you.

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